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My mission is to teach you to kindly and
effectively win your dog's mind.

How it Began

I started like most other dog owners that I know. When my boys were young, I wanted them to grow up with a dog. We got them a beagle puppy and named her Kacey. She was a great dog, and I knew the basics of how to train a puppy. She learned basic obedience, was a loyal companion and provided us with years of warm memories. Sadly, she passed away due to cancer at 14.

Puppy Problems

After some time had passed, I agreed to get another dog and began puppy potty training. Our new little dynamo, Harper, was much more of a challenge. She supplied us with hours of laughter and cuddles, but also destructive chewing to the inside of our home. Eventually, she settled down a bit, and my youngest son went off to college. I felt guilty leaving her at home alone while I went off to work. So I decided to rescue another dog. It seemed like a win-win. I'd give her a companion while providing someone else a good home. And that is how our rescue dog, Willow, came to be in our lives.

Everything was great for the first six months until all of the sudden, it wasn't. What started as some minor growling turned into full-blown dog fighting. It was upsetting and terrifying to see these two dogs that we loved so much transform into vicious animals. I didn't know how to train an aggressive dog. I was in over my head and had some tough decisions to make. Should I rehome one of our girls? Was there some dog training out there that could help resolve the situation?

Becoming a Dog Trainer

After investigating dog training offerings in the Delmarva area, I began to do some research on my own. I realized I had my work cut out for me. My research led me to a method of training that intrigued me. I started experimenting with some of the dog training tips. I was astounded to realize that changing my behavior and how I interacted with my girls directly correlated to their behavior! Not only did these changes begin to resolve the aggression, but several other behavior issues as well.

Feeling so connected with this gentle and effective dog training approach, I immersed myself in the teachings. A desire grew to help other dog owners in and around Maryland who find themselves at their wits end with dog behavior issues in their homes. I can now confidently say that together we can resolve any behavior problems, and I can teach you how to train your dog at home.

My Mission

I am so inspired by helping dogs to become the fantastic companions they are meant to be. It would be my pleasure to help you learn how to train your dog! I will teach you how to stop excessive barking, pulling on the leash, separation anxiety, jumping up, aggression, and a plethora of other problems. I specialize in training older dogs and how to train difficult and dominant dogs.

Salisbury, Maryland

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CEO Susan Banks - DTA Certified
Dog Trainer

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